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SERVPRO team in nats hats


Go Nationals! Our hard-working team enjoys celebrating our Washington Nationals going to the World Series! This was the 1st World Series appearance in franchise history and let's hope that they win it!

burgers cooking on a grill at the Labor Day barbecue

SERVPRO of Alexandria Team Loves Burgers

Here is another nice picture from our Labor Day barbecue. This picture demonstrates two things:

1. The team practices great fire safety while cooking, meaning we're always conscious of fire threats whether on the clock or not...



Hazmat suits

SERVPRO is equipped with full PPE to tackle your situation.

Water damage from storms and flooding requires immediate action. SERVPRO of Alexandria will respond and arrive on the scene promptly to help you remediate your storm and flooding conditions.

You should choose the company with storm damage experience and expertise that has the resources and equipment to handle the job.

storm damaged roof

Contact SERVPRO of Marlton/Morningside For all of your Storm Damage Needs

A properly installed roof tarp can provide protection for up to three months — plenty of time to settle insurance issues and schedule a repair. The key is to contact a damage restoration and mitigation company immediately so they can apply tarp and dry out any moisture in your attic before further damage occurs.

storm damage restoration equipment

Irving, TX Meet SERVPRO of Marlton/Morningside Team During Aftermath of Winter Storm Uri

Winter Storm Uri brought severe destructive weather and caused blackouts for over 9 million  people, requiring the need for professional water and extreme weather damage restoration professionals. 

Our brave team members at SERVPRO of Alexandria answered the call by driving for over 24 hours to Irving, TX. Homeowners & business owners alike were faced with unprecedented snowfall while dealing with power outages, frozen pipes, and water damages.

before and after full restoration

Before and After SERVPRO Services (Kitchen)

This is a before and after of a home we serviced. This particular job required work in several rooms of the home, but here is a quick before and after of the kitchen!

Before and after (bathroom)

Before and After SERVPRO Services

This is a before and after of a home we serviced. It was a full house job and as you can see, the damage and needed work was quite extensive. Our team repaired the damages and completely restored the bathroom! Great team win!

SERVPRO water damage restoration equipment

Most Common Water Restoration Drying Equipment at SERVPRO of Alexandria

Here is one type of the many pieces of equipment we utilize in our water restoration services. Air movers are specialized industrial fans that we use to dry hard to reach areas, like under cabinets and in crawl spaces. If you ever encounter a water damage concern, it is likely that we will be utilizing this type of equipment in your home. 

SERVPRO team packing out contents

SERVPRO of Marlton/Morningside team packing out content for water restoration job

Providing a thorough and complete service is one of our top priorities here. In the picture above our team is securely moving some furniture and belongings away from a water damage site.

fire damaged ceiling

SERVPRO of Marlton/Morningside Fire Damage Restoration Technicians Called After Fire Department

Our fire damage restoration experts were called in after a fire affecting a multi-level townhome was put out by the City of Alexandria fire department. The fire started in the attic, pictured, due to an attic fan malfunction. Our team took immediate action and mitigated the entire home of all smoke and fire damage. 

fire damaged living area

Electrical Fire in Kitchen of Alexandria Home

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Alexandria when we arrived on the scene. The ceilings and walls had caved in, and it was difficult to even move throughout the home safely to assess the damages. Our SERVPRO fire restoration experts were able to clean up and remove all structural debris, sanitize and clean the structure so it could be rebuilt, and extract all of the homeowner's contents for cleaning purposes at our warehouse.

roof damaged living area

Ventilation and Air Filtration Equipment from SERVPRO is Vital to Restore your Home After a Fire

The aftermath of structural fires oftentimes means layers of soot left behind on walls, ceilings, and contents of the room. Immediate proper ventilation and air filtration is vital to ensuring there will not be any lingering odors after the restoration and repair. SERVPRO of Alexandria has the necessary industrial equipment to restore your space, and make even the worst of disasters, "Like it never even happened."

caution taped off area

Make SERVPRO of Marlton/Morningside your 2nd call, After 911 in the Event of a Fire

SERVPRO of Marlton/Morningside realizes the importance of immediate action when restoring your business after a fire, water, or storm damage event. We advise that our specialized restoration team be contacted immediately once the source of your damage has been addressed by your local fire department, certified plumbers, or tree removal specialists. We can get you back into business in no time. We have the ability to handle your disaster from the drying and cleaning, throughout the repair.

Hazmat suits

Clean & Disinfect your Home or Business TODAY with SERVPRO of Marlton/Morningside!

SERVPRO of Marlton/Morningside are uniquely prepared during this unprecedented time to clean and disinfect your home or business according to the protocols set forth by the CDC. We have years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff performs on a daily basis.

caution sign

SERVPRO of Marlton/Morningside Takes All Precautions to Protect Your Business and Your Customers

Our customer's safety is our top priority!

We even bring our own signage when we respond to your restoration emergency. We respond 24/7/365 to all of your fire, water, and mold damage cleanup needs.

Water damage in gym area

Pool Valve Malfunction at Condos Required the Need for Commercial Drying Specialists

A pool valve malfunction at the beginning of pool season caused a substantial amount of standing water in the common areas of some condos in Alexandria. Our team immediately dispatched, after hours, and placed over 50 pieces of drying equipment in attempt to salvage the flooring and other affected materials.

SERVPRO team member cleaning commercial water damage

Water Extraction in Alexandria Commercial Building

Several members of our AFTER HOURS EMERGENCY RESPONSE team responded to a huge water loss at the community center of a group of condominiums. We were contacted by the property manager directly and notified of a pool valve malfunction that flooded the common areas; needless to say we dispatched immediately!

commerical water damage

SERVPRO of Marlton/Morningside team responds to Commercial Water Damage

Severe commercial building water damage takes high grade professional equipment. This is why it's important to call a water damage restoration professional like is here at SERVPRO of Alexandria to deal with any and all of your water damage restoration needs!

Commercial water damage

SERVPRO of Marlton/Morningside team responds to another Commercial Water Damage

Severe commercial building water damage takes high grade special equipment. This is why its important to call a water damage restoration professional like is here at SERVPRO of Alexandria to deal with any and all of your water damage restoration needs!

Water Damage from a Storm

Water Damage from a Storm

Your property can suffer water damage from a storm as heavy rains & winds roll through your area. Rain & winds can create hazards quickly as materials become damaged, deteriorate, & potentially collapse. This homeowner suffered from a water loss in their basement. Our team extracted the water from the affected areas & applied anti-microbial agents to prevent the growth of mold.  

Sewage Back Up Leads to Water Damage

Sewage Back Up Leads to Water Damage

This homeowner encountered a water situation when they had a sewage backup in their home. Standing water can lead to damage to carpet, linoleum, & laminate flooring. When water creeps in, we will provide all the tools & equipment necessary to remediate your situation. 

Thermal Imaging Helps Detect Water Damage

Thermal Imaging Helps Detect Water Damage

SERVPRO of Marlton / Morningside is equipped with thermal imaging technology to help detect water damage in your commercial property. Looking at the image on the left, you see a normal hallway. In the image on the right, you can see the water damage hiding in the carpet & drywall. 

We are Faster to Any Disaster!

SERVPRO of Marlton / Morningside Crew En Route to Remediate Fire Damage

SERVPRO of Marlton / Morningside is always ready to make it "Like it never even happened." Whether you are impacted by fire, smoke, or soot damage, we are just a phone call away & prepared to tackle your situation.

five Servpro workers posing for picture with Washington nationals hats and shirt on

Washington Nationals Picture

Go Nationals!  Our hard-working team enjoys celebrating our Washington Nationals going to the World Series! This was the 1st World Series appearance in franchise history and let's hope that they win it!

two Servpro workers reviewing restoration plans and cleaning water damaged ceiling debris

Water Damage Ceiling Job

When life caves in on you, our SERVPRO® team is there to help.  We show up promptly when we are called upon to provide quick estimates and get the repair process underway.

two Servpro workers reviewing restoration plans and cleaning water damaged ceiling debris

Ceiling Repair Job

The SERVPRO® of Marlton / Morningside team takes great care to get the job done right.  By the time our team is finished you'll think to yourself, it looks "Like it never even happened."

two SERVPRO employees unboxing drying fans and restoration equipment in a large storage room

New Restoration Equipment Day

The hardworking SERVPRO® of Marlton/Morningside crew unloads new, top of the line commercial drying and restoration equipment. These quality tools and equipment allow us to expedite our repair and restoration efforts.

three SERVPRO workers inside fire damaged restaurant with cleaning tools

Restaurant Fire Restoration

SERVPRO® of Marlton / Morningside provides commercial fire damage restoration for both large and small companies.  Our crews were on-site quickly to survey the damage and develop a restoration plan for this restaurant.

four people standing outside a strip mall with fire truck parked by curb

Strip Mall Fire Job

The SERVPRO® of Marlton / Morningside crew assists on scene of a recent strip mall fire. Our team was called in to help with the restoration and get our local businesses back to normal.

SERVPRO® workers at Labor Day lunch.

BBQ Labor Day Event

SERVPRO® of Marlton / Morningside celebrated this past Labor Day in style! We had a BBQ style lunch for our staff, to show our gratitude and appreciation for all their hard work.

man in yellow hazmat suit standing on ladder accessing water damage to ceiling

Restoration Work for Water Damaged Home

Alex Dublin, working on a demo of a home that experienced large water loss. Our services always include a complete inspection of what needs to be done to completely restore any damage to its previous state.

five SERVPRO workers cleaning water and mud from concrete foundation

Water and Muck Restoration Project

Unfortunately, this customer experienced a main water line break under the foundation of their office and warehouse. This produced over 10 tons over muck and debris. SERVPRO® of Marlton/Morningside facilitated the restoration of their office.

Fiire/smoke damage on wall and celling.

Fire Damaged Kitchen

This customer experienced a fire in their kitchen and contacted us for a full restoration. SERVPRO® of Marlton / Morningside was able to clean and restore the kitchen to its previous state.

group of people holding lunch bags and posing for a photo at local community event

SERVPRO Community Event

Our crew at SERVPRO® of Marlton / Morningside enjoyed giving back to the local community. Our team helped prepare sandwiches and bagged lunches for this event.